About Us

At On The Couch, we’re less concerned with technical experience, relevant educations and good grammar, and more concerned with an eye for a winning plot, an ear for a classic one-liner and a commitment to the cushion.  The Couch currently seats four:

Willy’s dream movie is an apocalypse action/thriller done in comic book/graphic novel style and starring Jessica Alba and Brendan Gleeson.  He’s yet to find it, but would like to see a combined sequel to 28 Days Later and Sin City.

He cried in Little Miss Sunshine and only pretends to like the Godfather movies. He celebrates Jackie Chan’s birthday every year.

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Pecs has no food, has no job and his pets’ heads are falling off.

By day he runs a worm farm in a small town where the beer flows like wine and the women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

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Dicker’s dream movie would have a soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla, a screenplay by Charlie Kaufman, a cameo by Bill Murray and a car-chase through Monaco.

And he’d watch it while eating a duck, roasted slowly in a scintillating blend of 11 Chinese herbs and spices. With extra duck.

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The Cat spends almost all his time sitting cross-legged on the cold floor of a small, rented flat above Sydney’s second worst Indian restaurant.  It is here he watches pirated videos from a seemingly endless array of cardboard boxes.

On the few occasions that he does leave his flat, you can find The Cat riding the monorail in an infinite, ever-tightening loop – working hard on his script for a motion picture adaptation of the 90’s video game “Lemmings”.

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